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Make your experience with braces with your orthodontist more exciting by creating different patterns with the help of BraceMate. It is the best app to accompany braces!The BraceMate app features several main functions.Colour picker: A realistic teeth image that allows you to choose the color on your braces with a full range of colors available. A share function has been enabled so that you can let you orthodontist know in advance what colors you want, so they can make sure they have the colors available for you.Information on how to look after your braces throughout treatment to ensure your experience with braces are as hassle free as possible.Information on how to manage emergencies with braces should they arise.More InformationThe Colour pickerIt has an easy-to-use screen that lets users see how their braces look with different patterns, and multiple colors. Some apps have a cartoony picture of teeth that makes it hard to visualize what your braces will look like. BraceMate shows you a life like picture to make it as real as possible. Some other apps only let you see how the teeth look with only one set of colors at a time. The BraceMate app lets you see how your teeth look with different patterns of colors. You can support your team, or national colors. You can match your outfit for your next social event.The Share function enables you to send pictures to your orthodontist to save you the time when you are at the appointment, and, lets you pick your colors at your own pace. The share function also lets you forward your proposed color design to your friends who can let you know if the colors are right for you.There is easy-to-read maintenance information to help you look after your smile during your treatment. The better your teeth are maintained, the quicker your treatment and, the better your smile will look when treatment has finished.The easy-to-read emergency information is a comprehensive list of possible problems that could occur during braces treatment. It is a handy guide for all the matters that could concern you when you can not get a hold of your orthodontist.And lastly, this is a free app, made by professionals, for patients. The goal is to provide better outcomes for all involved. Quicker treatment times, happier patients, and, happier orthodontists.Includes color selections for:•AB Orthodontics•American OrthodonticsIf you are an orthodontist and wish to contact the developers for your own customised app please visit